Sports Science is at the heart of what TransStadia as an organization has set out to do. While the company is a leading sports infrastructure company in South Asia, TransStadia’s vision is to contribute towards building a strong and healthy India. By bringing sport into the mainstream, the world-class centre at Ahmedabad, Gujarat is part of a 1.4 mio sq.ft. stadium setup with dedicated areas for conducting assessments, programs and focused rehabilitation for the discerning customer.

Today the human body is our biggest asset in our day-to-day lives, whether we are athletes or not. Small inconveniences to our body can cause long-term damage. If intervened at the right time, non-invasive solutions can bring the body back to high peak performance.

At TransStadia Sports Performance & Enhancement, it is our endeavour to tap into you, to bring out a healthier, fitter and better you.


TransStadia aspires to be a leading brand in the realm of human living by providing assessments and interventions by recommending tailor-made programs through fitness and nutrition leading to a better lifestyle.


To assess at least 1 mio people annually and contribute to their well-being so that we reduce our personal carbon footprint thus contributing to both an enduring physiology and a better ecology.


• Sports Development
• Environment Consciousness
• Excellence
• Safety & Hygiene
• Integrity
• Sustainability
• Customer Focus

Fastest Runners
Takes 185-200 steps per/min
8-10 hours’ sleep
Athletes dressed in red likely to win
No shortcuts

Marathon Runners
40 = 60 (breaths per min)
Humans are the best long-distance runners, they can beat horses!
The former world record holder in the marathon has asthma

Average Runners
Super-slow jogger = 10 cal per min
Can run 3 days at 24kmph 60% lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease
Over 1b pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide every year
26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments used to run